Posted: 2006-11-10
Drupal 5 - third party modules

Drupal 5 is now in beta. Not all the third party modules are converted yet. Track here:

Posted: 2006-11-08
Adding a google mail account to a P990i

To add a .mac mail account to a P990i. With the flap open: First - get to the correct configuration: go to Control Panel then Messaging then E-Mail Accounts then the New Button Now - fill out Finally…

Posted: 2006-11-04
P990i SMS via bluetooth

The changes from this post about the S700i also work for the P990i (the string is P900). To collect it in one place - this is taken from…

Posted: 2006-10-22
Regenerating the access tables

After trying to run both Taxonomy Access and Simple Access - and finding that this didn't play well together (drupal 5 is supposed to be able to handle this better) the taxonomy access details were…

Posted: 2006-09-13
Something odd in iTunes7's download artwork algorithm

iTunes7 can grab artwork from the iTMS store for ripped CDs. All well and good - but something is odd with the algorithm to decide which artwork. Take for example Queen Greatest Hits. If you click on…

Posted: 2006-08-17
Migration to drupal

For a long while this site has been running a combination of wordpress with embedded gallery2 (using the wpg2 plugin). On wednesday the process of migrating it to drupal again with gallery2 embedded…

Posted: 2006-07-14
Using self generated SSL (exim4 TLS/courier IMAPS) with wouldn't stop asking about the certificates. So: Remove any instances of them from Keychain Access Try to get mail - when told about the certificate choose View certificate and drag the icon…

Posted: 2006-07-14
courier imap/pop3 with ssl

I was using courier-imap and courier-pop until today. I've just installed the -ssl versions of both. At install they both create a certificate for localhost based in New York. This doesn't work unless…

Posted: 2006-07-10
autofs - nfs mounts suddenly stopped working

Been using autofs to automount nfs for a long time - but it suddenly stopped working. Only thing in the logs was an "unable to mount" error. The problem was that in /etc was no longer…

Posted: 2006-07-04
Safari shortcuts

Useful article on keyboard shortcuts for safari - I'll forget it if I don't add it here :)

Posted: 2006-04-18
Rescuing a dead lvm install

One of my machines has an lvm2 volume group spread across three disks. One died - here's how I rescued some of the data Very luckily - the dead disk contained one whole logical volume - used for media…

Posted: 2006-03-27
Add Address Book support for SonyEricsson S700i

The Address Book was showing that the phone was connected - but incoming SMS never reached the mac, outgoing SMS disappeared into thin air and incoming calls always showed as Unknown. The solution is…

Posted: 2006-03-27
Bluetooth modem

Well - having got the mac mini - time to get bluetooth net access running - just for the fun of it. To get bluetooth internet access running for my S700i Sony Ericsson I found the following two places…

Posted: 2006-03-27
Mac Mini (intel) with PS2 keyboard/mouse

The new intel based mac mini supports only USB - not PS2. To connect my keyboard I had to obtain a PS2 to USB converter - and I had some issues with layout and key codes. First - I use a normal PC…

Posted: 2006-02-26

This site has just been updated to use Wordpress 2 with Gallery2 v 2.1RC1a and the relevant WPG2 plugins. It should all be working right now - but if you have any problems please let me know.

Posted: 2006-01-30
SSL certificates (apache2)

There are two kinds of certificates available - self-certified (free - but people will have to either accept the certificate or manually install it) or paid for (you buy it from a Certificate…

Posted: 2006-01-27
evms patched kernel

The 2.6 series kernel only allows one owner of a block device ( ). I need to use the BD Claim patch. This is the only change made to the default debian…

Posted: 2006-01-17
DVD/CD RW under debian (2.6 kernel)

This is a shortened version of udev and DVD/CD RW under debian unstable for non-udev systems. To get CD and DVD burning running under debian on a 2.6.x kernel Under 2.6 ide-scsi (SCSI emulation) is…

Posted: 2006-01-15
New hardware

Well - this machine is now running on a 2.2 GHz Athlon-64 3500 with 2Gb RAM - instead of the old 700MHz PIII. As part of this the box is now primarily registered in the domain…

Posted: 2006-01-04
Installing apt keys

Taken from the dpkg bot on #debian: where key is the key ID reported missing from aptitude