Posted: 2005-06-07

The dnslookup section of the exim4 config containsTo allow one specific subnet thru change it:Here it allows the 192.168.3.x network.

Posted: 2005-06-06

Running xfce4 - and have no gnome control panel - but I needed to change the default browser.will tell you what is set - in my case "epiphany %s"I tend to use opera - sodid the trick

Posted: 2005-05-23

Full details on you have LILO on the MBR then the grub-install device is the disk e.g. /dev/hda - not the root partition.

Posted: 2005-05-22

Sarge installation. Apache is 1.3.x (packaged). JBoss is 3.2.7 with tomcat.Aim: ajp13 workingFor each (or at least several) virtual host under apache we have an equivalent webapp running under jboss…

Posted: 2005-05-22

This machine is a debian sarge install (2.6 kernel). During installation - it was set up with root as ext3, some swap - and the rest of the disk as an lvm area. All partitions within this area are xfs…

Posted: 2005-05-20

Setting up subversion with svn+ssh access (non-DAV) on unstable.In migrating from woody with a combination of CVS and a backport of SVN 1.0 I would like to use SVN 1.1 to get the file system backend…

Posted: 2005-05-19

Have been running sendmail for a long time on woody. However - with the upgrade to sarge I've been taking a look at exim's configuration - since the sendmail config is a nightmare :)Status so…

Posted: 2005-05-02

From this blog information on getting mplayer to play .3gp files:In /etc/mplayer/codecs - find the section for the videocodec ffh263 (just search for it) and add:format 0x33363273

Posted: 2005-04-20

Simple working exampleRounded corners in CSS :: Adam Kalsey

Posted: 2005-04-08

Sitting up on Sun's site - an article that every programmer who has writtenshould read What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

Posted: 2005-04-05

On machine 1Note - the "*" is important - otherwise you don't get the required purge linesOn machine 2

Posted: 2005-03-29

When using XP SP2 you need to make sure that the bluetooth dongle (this is talking about a F8T003 v2) is using Belkin's driver and not the standard one from Microsoft.The following document at Belkin…

Posted: 2005-03-17

Debian linux running a 2.6 kernelTo disable IPv6 you need both the following lines in your /etc/modprobe.conf fileThanks to the guys on the #debian freenode channel for help with this.UpdateMoved the…

Posted: 2005-03-15

Want to get rid of lots of annoying adverts? Modify your hosts file - here's the link:Mike's Ad Blocking Hosts File

Posted: 2005-03-15

When using xdm instead of gdm/kdm it's useful to have buttons to allow for shutdown/restart. This is possible using Tcl/Tk and some config tweaks.Most of the info needed is here:XDM shutdown buttons

Posted: 2005-03-15

Running a dial-up over bluetooth to a S700i.Most of this is cargo-culted from the pages listed on (page no longer available) - with most of it coming from here…

Posted: 2005-03-01

Something I always forget :-)Givenuse

Posted: 2005-02-12

The new firewall box is now bootable to OpenBSD 3.6. It boots from compact flash to mfs.Waiting for a second IDE-CF converter - the H instead of the V (connectors horizontal instead of vertical - so I…

Posted: 2005-02-12

To get CD and DVD burning running under debian unstable on a 2.6.x kernelUnder 2.6 ide-scsi (SCSI emulation) is deprecated. It's recommended to use ide-cd instead. Using ide-cd under debian will also…

Posted: 2005-01-16

At least 2GHz CPUBetween 256 and 512 MB ramDisk - two 200Gb disks? Maybe LVM? Either XFS or JFS?2x Hauppauge 350 capture cards or 1 350 and 1 DVB card (is DVB available in Norway)?Soundcard - probably…