Posted: 2010-11-03
Munin - node with no services

Note to self - when munin shows no services for a node yet all testing (telnet to 4949 from the munin server to the node) etc show OK - check you've spelt the nodename correctly and use the host_name…

Posted: 2010-10-31
Adding hosts to /etc/hosts on Leopard/Snow Leopard

Adding hosts to /etc/hosts on Leopard/Snow Leopard is a little simpler than earlier versions (see node:168 ) Edit /private/etc/hosts Run dscacheutil -flushcache Since /etc is symlinked from /private…

Posted: 2010-10-24
Tunnelling IPv6 from a mac over IPv4 tunnel through a debian firewall using

Tunnel configuration Sign up for an account at tunnelbroker Once signed up - choose Create Regular Tunnel Enter the IPv4 address of the external interface of your firewall. Note - this must be able…

Posted: 2010-10-22
Found on MacRumors: Steve Jobs Comments on Apple's Java Discontinuation

Steve Jobs Comments on Apple's Java Discontinuation on

Posted: 2010-10-21
Java Apps banned from new mac app store

A follow up on Java deprecated on Mac OS X From a response in this thread we can read:

Posted: 2010-10-21
Java deprecated on Mac OS X?

There's an interesting paragraph in the latest Mac OS X Java update relasenotes New and Noteworthy - a paragraph called "Java Deprecation". This means that the Apple-produced runtime will not be…

Posted: 2010-09-29
Nexus repository manager with LDAP users

I wanted to use LDAP to give access to the nexus repository manager from sonatype for those users who need more access than just browsing. Software used: OpenDS 2.2.0 Nexus OSS 1.8.0 Directory setup…

Posted: 2010-09-29
Importing custom CA certificates to OSX

For my own sites I use SSL certificates signed by my own CA The CA certificate needs to be imported to the machines where I use the websites and for Mac OSX it needs to go into the system keychain…

Posted: 2010-09-17
javaBin/JavaZone video stream - subscribe as video podcast in iTunes

Update All videos are now pushed to JavaZone talks Original Post The JavaZone 2010 videos have been released and are available on . If you want to add them to iTunes - they…

Posted: 2010-08-22
JavaZone iPhone app available

My first iPhone app - for JavaZone 2010 is now available via the app store . JavaZone 2010 runs from 8th-9th September 2010 in the Oslo Spektrum. This app provides access to the agenda for JavaZone…

Posted: 2010-06-08
Flexus follow up

I was down at Trafikanten today to discuss Flexus ticket payment - money taken but no ticket :( Apparently - I was the third person that day with this issue. Not exactly reassuring. That said - the…

Posted: 2010-06-07
Flexus ticket payment - money taken but no ticket :(

Tried to load a new month card onto my flexus card this morning. The ticket machine at Blindern was "Not in use" - but the one at Forskningsparken was active. Insert flexus card - order a month card…

Posted: 2010-05-27

Have moved comments (currently just for blog posts) here over to disqus - gives people far more options of commenting without having to register here. Old comments have been migrated over to disqus.

Posted: 2010-05-12
E-mail validators that fail to validate correct addresses

This drives me nuts. Forms that simply reject e-mail addresses with a + in them (perfectly valid according to the standards/RFC's - see RFC 2822 3.2.4 Atom - definition of atext). Why would you want…

Posted: 2010-04-26
Playstation 3 lost wireless contact to controllers/BD remote after 3.30 update

Just updated the 120Gb slim PS3 to the latest 3.30 update. After the update neither of the sixaxis controllers or the BD remote could get any kind of response wirelessly. The controllers worked fine…

Posted: 2010-04-17
Installing pdf-writer gem for rails

Install gem Create rails project This is rails 2.3.5 Config rails Edit config/environment.rb and add Test Check that gem is present Next step? No idea

Posted: 2010-03-18
Ruby on Rails and IE 8 - respond_to and HTTP accept headers

Ruby on Rails offers the ability to respond to a given request with different types depending on the URL. For example - http://server/controller.html gives HTML where http://server/controller.pdf…

Posted: 2010-03-15
Struts2 i18n where application default locale doesn't match app server locale

I have a struts2 (2.1.6) based webapp which has two languages - english and norwegian. The default language for the app is norwegian - the application server (glassfish 2.1) is running under the…

Posted: 2010-02-17
A really weird #NextGenTel router issue

Router trouble Thursday the 11th February - the router from my ISP (NextGenTel) suddenly entered a constant restart loop. Start, find DSL, find settings, connect, 2 sec or so uptime, reboot and off we…