Posted: 2009-03-14
SSL certificate based login with and safari

I delegate my domains OpenID logins to - but I was having issues getting SSL certificate based login to work in safari. Here's what I needed to do (mostly as a reminder to myself…

Posted: 2009-03-13
Grails pastebin updated

Just updated the grails based pastebin . I got fed up (read embarrassed) by the autogenerated URLs. They were simply too long as it was using UUID to generate the URLs. So - I generated a nice new…

Posted: 2009-03-01
Maintaining/upgrading drupal installations with git

This is based on This is a work in progress/idea dump right now - any suggestions/improvements - please do leave a comment…

Posted: 2009-02-26
Linux disk activity checking

As part of Building a debian firewall on a CF card I was trying to make sure that disk writes to the firewall CF card were kept to a minimum. However - I've never really been able to test this. So I…

Posted: 2009-02-19
Drupal track module

The track module seems to have woken up ;) Work on a 6.x version is progressing here: And once that is up we may also get waypoints: So…

Posted: 2009-01-14
Mollom spam blocking

This site (being a drupal site) uses mollom to prevent comment spam. This works extremely well - but looking at the latest graph I am intrigued as to who/what/why in november/december:

Posted: 2009-01-10
Running xdebug 2.0.4 on OSX Leopard apache/php

This is based on the information on . Download xdebug 2.0.4 (or later - but this is based on the 2.0.4 build…

Posted: 2009-01-07
OpenDS allow import of encoded passwords

Note from Dominic on Freenode#opends: Allow LDIF imports of encoded passwords: config/config.ldif, under cn=Default Password Policy,cn=Password Policies,cn=config

Posted: 2009-01-04
Git commit mail (debian)

With the backported git 1.6 packages installed - to add mailing lists for commits/tags: Note that /usr/share/doc/git-core/contrib/hooks/post-receive-email must be executable - chmod a+x if you need…

Posted: 2008-12-31
Using git for handling drupal contrib CVS

Using git for handling CVS checkouts for drupal contrib Details are on Maintaining a Drupal module using Git For Mac OSX users you will need cvsps (fink install cvsps for example). Useful alias for…

Posted: 2008-12-30
Backport git 1.6 for debian

git 1.6 is available in debian experimental. I want to use it under debian stable (etch). Let's backport it. Kudos to Steve Kemp for walking me through this. First you need dget installed: Now - let…

Posted: 2008-12-08
Print values of latex dimensions

To dump out dimensions in defined units - the layouts package e.g.:

Posted: 2008-11-10
Importing Groovy/GMaven/maven projects to Intellij IDEA

When importing a maven pom that uses the gmaven plugins - remember to go into project structure settings and set src/main/groovy as sources and src/test/groovy as test sources. I'd also like to know…

Posted: 2008-10-13
Increase entropy on a 2.6 kernel linux box

A good source of entropy is needed for random number generation. This affects services that go via SSL amongst other things. However - in 2.6.x kernels the entropy sources of a system were reduced…

Posted: 2008-10-12
Daily cron scripts don't always run - check filenames

I noticed that some of my scripts in /etc/cron.daily were not running. It turns out that filenames with a dot in them (, etc simply don't run. Remove the dots (drop the extension - of…

Posted: 2008-10-01
Backing up Aperture Vault to a NAS

Listening to the digital story this morning prompted me to think about my Aperture setup. Aperture has its "vault" functionality - but this only works to the local hard drive or to USB/firewire…

Posted: 2008-08-13
Booting from grub shell

When you install grub to debian and forget to run update-grub the first time before you reboot then there is no menu.lst file in /boot/grub so you boot to the grub shell I had the following config…

Posted: 2008-08-09
Installing a CA signed certificate for glassfish

Instead of using a self-signed certificate with glassfish - we want to use one that is signed by a certificate authority. Based on ssl with…

Posted: 2008-08-09
Using a self-generated Certificate Authority for OpenSSL on debian etch

I've been using self-signed certificates for a while - but - that means getting the users to approve them each time they change. Instead - lets generate a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate with a…

Posted: 2008-07-30
Creating new SSL keys with keytool for glassfish

I needed to generate a new certificate for glassfish's admin pages. Instead of using the normal OpenSSL self-signed certificate it was easier just to use the java keystore keytool Note the -keyalg RSA…