SwiftUI project setup

Posted: 2020-03-02

Let's start by getting the correct project setup.

You'll need to be on the latest Xcode (11.3 or so) - and it will be best if you are running Catalina - then we can get the canvas previews in XCode to work.


In Xcode - start a new project. Choose iOS and a single view app.

Fill out the project details. In my case - I will end up keeping the same details as the previous version of the app. Make sure to choose Swift as the language and SwiftUI as the User Interface.

Project Setup
Project Setup

Choose a place to save the project and enable git repository generation.


Xcode's git setup doesn't create a .gitignore file and it does have a bunch of files that we don't really want checked in. So - let's grab one.

GitHub maintains a really useful gitignore repository with lots of different templates. We'll grab the Swift one and save it as .gitignore in the project (add and commit) before we continue.

$ curl -o .gitignore https://raw.githubusercontent.com/github/gitignore/master/Swift.gitignore
$ git add .gitignore
$ git ci -m "Add .gitignore"


Let's finish up the setup with two libraries we already know we want to add.

In Xcode - choose File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.

In the package repository url field - enter https://github.com/Alamofire/Alamofire.git and hit next.

For version rule - keep Up to next major and next again.

In the final window - make sure that the package is checked off for your app's target and hit finish.

Add package confirmation
Add package confirmation

Now do the same with https://github.com/twostraws/CodeScanner.git

Finally git add and commit the changes.


The project is now ready to use - in the next step we'll start by testing out QR code scanning.

GitHub Repository