Posted: 2023-01-18

Setup of a simple pi + touch screen home assistant kiosk

Posted: 2023-01-02

A quick fix to get CPU temperature over time from a couple of Intel NUC units

Posted: 2022-12-01

Some time back I wrote about converting a simple java kafka project to scala. This is a just for fun look at how similar the kotlin code is.

Posted: 2022-10-19

How to fix the issue when iCloud sync says its at X of X and doesn't progress?

Posted: 2022-06-01

Unifi gateway (USG-Pro-4) was showing as disconnected in the network application/controller - but had a fully functioning inform url. However it was routing correctly - was it possible to fix this without a restart?

Posted: 2022-02-22

A spring boot app using r2dbc was working fine locally but failing under docker - with "invalid ipv6 address"

Posted: 2022-02-19

Moving platform for a static site from gatsby to next.js

Posted: 2020-12-09

Using mitmproxy to debug java web calls

Posted: 2020-09-16

Ansible script for installing the digital ocean metrics agent to get dashboard metrics

Posted: 2020-04-01

So far we are showing the account balances - and the next step is really to sort out the transaction view.