Setting up encrypted partitions using dm-crypt

Posted: 2005-09-17

All you need to know is found here


  • Stock debian 2.6 kernel works just fine
  • Stock debian kernel is modular - so looking in /proc/crypto before you start won't show aes, and dmsetup targets won't show crypto
  • Here - I'm adding an lvm2 partition for this (the comments at the end of the above link about lvm are about putting lvm pv's onto a crypt partition - here I have a crypt partition on top of lvm - so the comments do not apply)
  • On a different machine I've used a partition on an USB external harddisk which works too (you will need to remount if you unplug the USB and replug while mounted)
  • The above link has details of using loopback too

Code executed:

aptitude install dmsetup cryptsetup
lvcreate -L 1G -n crypt vg
cryptsetup -y create private /dev/mapper/vg0-crypt
mkfs -t xfs /dev/mapper/private
mkdir /mnt/private

Two new scripts (I do not want the partition automounted):


if [ -b /dev/mapper/private ]; then
    cryptsetup remove private
cryptsetup create private /dev/mapper/vg0-crypt
mount -t xfs /dev/mapper/private /mnt/private


umount /mnt/private
cryptsetup remove private