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2018-05-31 Find process on port for OSX with lsof 2016-10-01 Too many open files on OSX/macOS 2016-09-11 Docker for mac eating disk space 2016-03-09 Migrating to chruby 2016-02-08 Connecting to heroku postgres with DataGrip (and other jetbrains apps) 2016-02-05 iOS Game Center blank screen/settings hang 2016-01-11 Upgrading homebrew postgres 2015-10-30 Cisco SB SG200-08 Gigabit Smart Switch 2015-06-16 Replacing denyhosts with fail2ban for debian 2015-01-29 Switching java version on mac 2015-01-01 Wipe a fusion drive 2014-10-21 Replace ssmtp with postfix null client 2014-09-30 sSMTP and Gmail - authentication suddenly failing 2014-07-27 Chrome - prevent custom print dialog on OSX 2014-06-23 Adobe - unable to open raw files 2014-05-26 Puppet 3.6.1 - deprecation: environments 2014-05-02 Postgresql sort 'WHERE id IN' by original id list order 2014-04-02 Site specific chrome launcher's on OSX 2014-01-28 Setting system path for command line on Mac OSX 2014-01-20 Deploy from github to heroku via travis-ci 2013-12-13 Puppet service config for ejabberd 2013-10-26 Automated App Compat virtual machines for IE testing 2013-08-14 Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication for Google and more on iOS7 2013-08-10 Site converted to use middleman static site generator 2013-05-25 Enabling GPU for Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects 2013-04-16 BankID on Mountain Lion 2013-02-25 Generating twitter auth tokens for non-web clients 2013-02-08 Setting a fixed hostname alias on mac overriding DHCP 2013-02-02 Sony Pulse Elite headset not connecting 2012-12-17 Google apps removing EAS support - moving to CalDAV/CardDAV 2012-10-11 iMessage fall back to SMS 2012-08-27 Mountain Lion upgrade 2012-04-12 Entropy on debian squeeze 2012-04-11 Incorrect time and date on ReadyNAS 2012-04-11 script 'nexus' missing LSB tags and overrides 2012-01-31 Drush segmentation fault 2012-01-03 Finding the current system JAVA_HOME on mac osx 10.5+ 2011-10-11 Postgres monitoring with munin 1.4 and multiple databases 2011-10-02 Splitting MKV files on chapter marks 2011-09-08 JavaZone for iPhone/iPad - some stats 2011-09-03 Update OpenDS 2.2.0 to OpenDJ 2.4.3 2011-08-16 Running rvm ruby 1.9.2 with rvm packages on OSX Lion - failing to make due to readline 2011-08-15 Git attributes and diffing binary files 2011-08-13 Google IMAP giving incorrect password when password is correct in Mac OSX 2011-08-10 E-mail validation and Blizzard beta profiles - SystemCheck does not like a plus sign in your e-mail address 2011-05-27 Store iMovie events on a network drive/NAS 2011-05-13 Syncing secondary google apps calendars to iPhone 2011-04-02 bash helper function for rvm gemsets 2011-03-23 Mac homebrew and homebrew-alt 2011-03-16 A + in an e-mail is valid. Can't we stop using validators that don't follow the standard? 2011-03-08 Scroll wheel in debian guest after updating virtualbox from 3.x to 4.x 2010-11-28 Prevent iPhoto '11 from asking for your e-mail password 2010-11-03 Munin - node with no services 2010-10-31 Adding hosts to /etc/hosts on Leopard/Snow Leopard 2010-10-24 Tunnelling IPv6 from a mac over IPv4 tunnel through a debian firewall using 2010-10-22 Found on MacRumors: Steve Jobs Comments on Apple's Java Discontinuation 2010-10-21 Java Apps banned from new mac app store 2010-10-21 Java deprecated on Mac OS X? 2010-09-29 Nexus repository manager with LDAP users 2010-09-29 Importing custom CA certificates to OSX 2010-09-17 javaBin/JavaZone video stream - subscribe as video podcast in iTunes 2010-08-22 JavaZone iPhone app available 2010-06-08 Flexus follow up 2010-06-07 Flexus ticket payment - money taken but no ticket :( 2010-05-27 Comments 2010-05-12 E-mail validators that fail to validate correct addresses 2010-04-26 Playstation 3 lost wireless contact to controllers/BD remote after 3.30 update 2010-03-18 Ruby on Rails and IE 8 - respond_to and HTTP accept headers 2010-03-15 Struts2 i18n where application default locale doesn't match app server locale 2010-02-17 A really weird #NextGenTel router issue 2010-02-05 iSCSI on the ReadyNAS NV+ and OSX Snow Leopard 2010-02-02 Flexus confused 2010-01-22 PHP segmentation fault if both curl and postgres modules loaded (debian) 2010-01-08 Jabra BT3030 volume with iPhone 2009-11-27 Setting /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin in bash PATH for Mac OSX Snow Leopard for all users 2009-11-05 iPhone 3G - third party apps won't start after reset - issues and workarounds 2009-11-02 Fun with Flexus 2009-09-05 Using maven-exec-plugin to store the current git sha in a build 2009-08-01 iPhone 3.0 firmware release and tethering for NetCom - official support 2009-07-09 iPhone 3.0 firmware release and stereo bluetooth - it does support AVRCP - just not all of it 2009-06-25 iPhone 3.0 firmware release and stereo bluetooth - missing AVRCP 2009-06-18 iPhone 3.0 firmware release and tethering for NetCom 2009-05-10 Geotagging for aperture 2009-04-18 Hudson CI testing for grails from git 2009-04-01 Time machine on a large external disk as a sparseimage 2009-03-30 Ref: Only a Few Days Left to Win a Drobo! 2009-03-28 Relinking resources in iMovie 09 2009-03-26 Glassfish and Too many open files - monitoring with munin 2009-03-25 Increasing max number of open files for glassfish user on debian 2009-03-14 SSL certificate based login with and safari 2009-03-13 Grails pastebin updated 2009-03-01 Maintaining/upgrading drupal installations with git 2009-02-26 Linux disk activity checking 2009-02-19 Drupal track module 2009-01-14 Mollom spam blocking 2009-01-10 Running xdebug 2.0.4 on OSX Leopard apache/php 2009-01-07 OpenDS allow import of encoded passwords 2009-01-04 Git commit mail (debian) 2008-12-31 Using git for handling drupal contrib CVS 2008-12-30 Backport git 1.6 for debian 2008-12-08 Print values of latex dimensions 2008-11-10 Importing Groovy/GMaven/maven projects to Intellij IDEA 2008-10-13 Increase entropy on a 2.6 kernel linux box 2008-10-12 Daily cron scripts don't always run - check filenames 2008-10-01 Backing up Aperture Vault to a NAS 2008-08-13 Booting from grub shell 2008-08-09 Installing a CA signed certificate for glassfish 2008-08-09 Using a self-generated Certificate Authority for OpenSSL on debian etch 2008-07-30 Creating new SSL keys with keytool for glassfish 2008-07-29 Grails pastebin 2.0/2.1 released 2008-07-28 Grails pastebin 1.0 released 2008-07-28 Demo of date problem in grails 2008-07-21 Patching denyhosts to allow correct plugin reporting 2008-07-11 Unable to import openssl key to java keystore 2008-07-11 Migrating Jira and Confluence from Tomcat to Glassfish 2008-06-08 Converting existing bind9 and dhcpd to dynamic dns 2008-05-31 Using continuum to build maven 2 projects that are in mercurial 2008-05-28 Google address book sync to mac address book - aargh - duplicates 2008-05-27 Using maven2 scm and release plugins with mercurial/hg 2008-05-22 Spring, Aspects, @Configurable and Compile Time Weaving using maven 2008-05-22 Java can't send mail due to a certificate error 2008-05-13 DSA 1571-1 - New openssl packages fix predictable random number generator 2008-05-07 Dragonfly 2008-05-07 MySQL stays open source 2008-04-22 Compile Time Weaving of spring aspects in Intellij Idea 2008-04-08 Exim4 shouldn't give up just because clamav died 2008-04-05 Building a debian firewall on a CF card 2008-03-13 Follow up to Resize google map to show all points - making space at the top 2008-03-10 Resize google map to show all points 2008-02-29 Apache2, NameVirtualHosts, SSL and SERVER_PORT 2008-02-10 Deploying jars to third party maven repository via WebDAV 2007-12-17 Clamav not starting (exim can't find clamav.ctl) 2007-12-02 Leopard issues 2007-11-26 Testing expansion in exim4 2007-11-26 Setting outgoing IP address for domain in exim4 2007-11-06 Setting up custom routes depending on the network location in OSX 2007-11-04 Logging in to drupal 5 using perl 2007-10-25 Adding self-signed https certificates to java keystore 2007-09-03 Illegal type in constant pool 2007-08-30 spring-ldap and NoClassDefFoundError com.sun.jndi.ldap.ctl.ResponseControlFactory 2007-08-28 Spring AOP and maven dependencies 2007-07-14 Generating new SSL certificate for exim4 2007-07-14 Bluetooth triggered activity for the mac 2007-07-12 Geotagging photos on the mac 2007-07-12 Nokia n95 - key sequences 2007-07-12 Syncing nokia n95 with the mac, address book pairing and 3G over bluetooth 2007-07-07 Nokia n95 email configuration (google, mac and personal) 2007-05-30 The Mac OSX menu with dual screens 2007-03-15 Create a Maildir directory 2007-03-14 Mac OSX 10.4.9 iSync and SonyEricsson P990i 2007-03-07 fink selfupdate fails due to cc1plus update 2007-02-25 Upgrading debian from sarge to etch : sa-exim 2007-02-23 Colour calibration - Macbook Pro -> Epson 2000P 2007-02-14 Upgrading apache 2.0 to 2.2 with ldap controlled basic auth 2007-02-09 Adding a .mac mail account to a P990i 2007-02-06 Problems updating sarge -> etch 2007-02-04 Migrating OpenBSD 3.6 firewall to 4.0 on a CF card 2007-01-23 Protecting drupal update 2007-01-21 Drupal cron script 2007-01-15 Switching between java JDK's on debian 2007-01-07 Upgrading drupal from 4.7 to 5.0 2006-12-26 Amanda backup for OSX 2006-12-19 Debian sarge to etch test run 2006-12-08 LVM2 - Incorrect metadata area header checksum 2006-12-07 Wireless Security 2006-11-17 Squid proxying and and similar services 2006-11-16 Printing to HP 1015 via Synology USB Station 2006-11-16 HP 1015 from OS X 10.4.8 2006-11-10 /etc/hosts on Mac OS X 2006-11-10 Drupal 5 - third party modules 2006-11-08 Adding a google mail account to a P990i 2006-11-04 P990i SMS via bluetooth 2006-10-22 Regenerating the access tables 2006-09-13 Something odd in iTunes7's download artwork algorithm 2006-08-17 Migration to drupal 2006-07-14 Using self generated SSL (exim4 TLS/courier IMAPS) with 2006-07-14 courier imap/pop3 with ssl 2006-07-10 autofs - nfs mounts suddenly stopped working 2006-07-04 Safari shortcuts 2006-04-18 Rescuing a dead lvm install 2006-03-27 Add Address Book support for SonyEricsson S700i 2006-03-27 Bluetooth modem 2006-03-27 Mac Mini (intel) with PS2 keyboard/mouse 2006-02-26 Upgrade 2006-01-30 SSL certificates (apache2) 2006-01-27 evms patched kernel 2006-01-17 DVD/CD RW under debian (2.6 kernel) 2006-01-15 New hardware 2006-01-04 Installing apt keys 2005-12-29 Resizing boot/root partition 2005-12-09 mplayer and rtc 2005-12-07 Handling mail for non-system users with Exim4 2005-09-17 Setting up encrypted partitions using dm-crypt 2005-09-03 Copying partition contents with tar 2005-08-29 Planet - RSS Aggregator 2005-08-23 Monitoring Exim4 mailstats with munin (greylisting) 2005-08-23 WLAN using a 3Com Office Connect 11g 2005-08-03 Recovering box after powercut 2005-06-30 IE Conditional Comments 2005-06-30 Re-generate openssl certificate for apache 2005-06-21 Fixed RSS feeds 2005-06-14 Sarge - munin - spamstats 2005-06-07 exim4 - dnslookup - ignore_target_hosts 2005-06-06 Gnome default browser - under xfce4 2005-05-23 LILO to grub the debian way 2005-05-22 libapache-mod-jk under sarge 2005-05-22 Adding a new disk with LVM and XFS 2005-05-20 Subversion with svn+ssh 2005-05-19 sendmail -> exim4 2005-05-02 Converting .3gp videos 2005-04-20 Rounded corners in CSS 2005-04-08 What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic 2005-04-05 Migrating package list 2005-03-29 Belkin Bluetooth XP SP2 2005-03-17 Disable IPv6 in a 2.6 kernel 2005-03-15 Ad Blocking Hosts File 2005-03-15 XDM shutdown buttons 2005-03-15 Bluetooth/GPRS 2005-03-01 Displaying classpath in ant 2005-02-12 New firewall 2005-02-12 udev and DVD/CD RW under debian unstable 2005-01-16 Myth TV - further hardware ramblings 2005-01-16 Myth TV - testing software 2005-01-11 New firewall? 2005-01-07 Myth TV