Bluetooth modem

Posted: 2006-03-27

Well - having got the mac mini - time to get bluetooth net access running - just for the fun of it.

To get bluetooth internet access running for my S700i Sony Ericsson I found the following two places useful

For a tutorial:

For the Sony Ericsson modem scripts

For Telenor - the CID of the downloaded internet connection was 1.

So I used:


Service Provider: Telenor
Account Name: internet
Password: seems to work with either empty or "guest"
Telephone Number: blank


Configure IPv4: Using PPP

Bluetooth Modem:

Modem: Sony Ericsson GPRS CID1 +CGQREQ
Enable error correction and compression in modem: Checked
Wait for dial tone before dialing: Checked
Show Bluetooth status in menu bar: Checked
Show modem status in menu bar: Checked