Adding a google mail account to a P990i

Posted: 2006-11-08

To add a .mac mail account to a P990i.

With the flap open:

First - get to the correct configuration:

  1. go to Control Panel
  2. then Messaging
  3. then E-Mail Accounts
  4. then the New Button

Now - fill out

Basic Tab
Account Name*google*
Your Name*Your full name*
Email Address*Your google email address*
Connection Type*POP3*
Inbox Tab
Incoming Server Address**
Username*Your google mail email address*
Password*Your google mail email password*
Outbox Tab
Outgoing server address**
Use SMTP auth*checked*
Use Inbox login details*checked*
Outgoing tab
Secure Connection*TLS*
Outgoing port*587*

Finally Save, Save and then Done.

Now google mail should be available in your messages app.