Booting from grub shell

Posted: 2008-08-13

When you install grub to debian and forget to run update-grub the first time before you reboot then there is no menu.lst file in /boot/grub so you boot to the grub shell

I had the following config

/dev/hda2 - / /dev/hda3 - /boot

To boot this from the grub shell


This points to /boot (hd0 is /dev/hda - the number after the comma is zero indexed partition number - so ,2 is /dev/hda3)

kernel=/vmlinuz-... root=/dev/hda2 ro

Grub shell has tab completion to help you find the correct name for the kernel file


Again - tab complete to get the correct name for the initrd image


Once you're in - then the first thing to run as root is