Jabra BT3030 volume with iPhone

Posted: 2010-01-08

The BT3030 bluetooth headset is a nice headset but with the iphone the minimum volume is too high.

It seems that a firmware update on the jabra can help a bit.

See apple discussion for the discussion but in brief:

Grab: http://www.jabragn.jp/support/utility/bt3030_firmware_ver1.32.exe

  • Connect the jabra to windows using USB - green light should indicate charging
  • Run the updater
  • It will tell you what to do but to include that: Press play/pause and skip forward together - purple light should indicate update mode
  • The updater should then update the unit

I have no idea how they are finding the links to the firmware (can't read japanese) - so the apple thread is my only source of info.

Note - I did have to re-pair the iphone and bt3030 after the update. But that worked and now volume is much better

Update on AVRCP

As noted in the comments below - from iOS 4.1 the AVRCP version was updated allowing for next/prev and ff/rw. See also iPhone 3.0 firmware release and stereo bluetooth - it does support AVRCP - just not all of it