E-mail validators that fail to validate correct addresses

Posted: 2010-05-12

This drives me nuts. Forms that simply reject e-mail addresses with a + in them (perfectly valid according to the standards/RFC's - see RFC 2822 3.2.4 Atom - definition of atext).

Why would you want a + ? Well - in my case it allows me to have [email protected] - therefore allowing me to use unique addresses per site I use. All pretty normal stuff. But - web validators just don't seem to get it (and in some cases the companies behind it aren't interested in fixing it either). Only a short list to start with (there have been more instances of this than I can recall right now).

Sites that do the same thing (will be added to as I find more):

  • gigaset.siemens.com
  • geocaching.com
  • groundspeak.com
  • britishairways.com
  • steampowered.com
  • pearltrees.com
  • marksandspencer.com
  • lynda.com
  • play.com

Reasonably uninteresting - but - really annoying.