Flexus follow up

Posted: 2010-06-08

I was down at Trafikanten today to discuss Flexus ticket payment - money taken but no ticket :(

Apparently - I was the third person that day with this issue. Not exactly reassuring.

That said - the system is apparently clever enough that it can notice within a day or so a payment that it can't relate back to a ticket on a card, and will pay it back automatically. So - I should see it back in the next day - if not - I have a form to send in to claim it.

Stunned by how few people were in the queue (1 person ahead of me in the flexus queue) at Trafikanten - last time I was there I had to wait for nearly 180 people and a couple of hours.

However - it would have been nice if the telephone support could have said "Wait 24 hours after it goes from reservation to payment - it should go back automatically when the system sees no ticket issued". Would have saved me a trip.