Syncing secondary google apps calendars to iPhone

Posted: 2011-05-12


See CalDAV/CardDAV for info on switching to a CalDAV/CardDAV setup.

Original Post

Setting up calendars to sync from google apps to iOS turned out to be harder than I expected.

I had already set up a gmail iOS mail/cal/contacts account on the iPhone. But that only gets the primary calendar.

Calendar & Contacts Sync: Choosing Which Calendars to Sync talks about going to - but that just throws back that this isn't supported on your phone.

Google Sync: Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync suggests to use an exchange account instead. This didn't seem to help.

However - after a lot of wandering thru the forums I stumbled across this link:

When I logged in there - it listed all my google calendars. I then simply checked them off and they then just turned up on my iPhone as expected.