JavaZone for iPhone/iPad - some stats

Posted: 2011-09-08

Just been looking at the usage of the iPhone/iPad app for this year's JavaZone for the actual conference days.

  • Yesterday (day 1) we had 820 users
  • Today (day 2) we had 716
  • Over the two days - the app was started 25631 times
  • Unhandled errors causing a full application crash (unable to write to database, some other unexpected state etc) - 6 times.

Sessions divided by model:

1Apple iPhone 412,30848.0%
2Apple iPhone 3GS8,10031.6%
3Apple iOS4Device3,67514.3%
4Apple iPhone 3G8393.3%
5Apple iPad3731.5%
6Apple iPod Touch 4G1970.8%
7Apple iPod Touch 2G790.3%
8Apple iPod Touch 3G300.1%
9Apple iPhone290.1%

Note - this data is only available for units that have connected and uploaded - so may change slightly over time.