Observable account

Posted: 2020-04-01

So far we are showing the account balances - and the next step is really to sort out the transaction view.

But - before we do that - let's sort out the nested callbacks we currently have.


These work - but - nesting them makes the code harder to follow.

Let's make the account handling use the built in ObservableObject handling - so that when the account changes the view notices this. We can then write a simplified refresh method that will also allow us to refresh the transactions when we add them.

Make Account Service observable

We need to make some changes to the account service.

  • it needs to implement ObservableObject
  • it needs to have a variable that is annotated as @Published
  • the method is no longer static, no longer gets callbacks (and we'll rename it refresh)

Change the class definition to start:

class AccountService : ObservableObject {
    @Published public var account : Account? = nil

Change the method signature to:

public func refresh(token: String, config: Config)

Remove all calls to callback in the method and at the end if we made it that far we set:

self.account = account

Content View

We now want to listen to changes to the service - the view will be notified that a change has happened when the @Published variable changes.

In the content view remove the state variable for account and add

@ObservedObject var accountService = AccountService()

In the view heirarchy - where we have the AccountView - let's use the service variable when present:

if (accountService.account != nil) {
    AccountView(account: accountService.account!)
        .navigationBarTitle(Text(accountService.account!.name), displayMode: .inline)

Replace the entire getToken method (which since the last change is badly named too) with a refresh method:

func refresh() {
    if let config = self.config {
        TokenService.getToken(config: config) { (accessToken) in
            if let token = accessToken {
                self.accountService.refresh(token: token, config: config)
                // We will add transaction refresh here later on

In the .OK state of askForAuth - call self.refresh()

If you want you can also add another naviagtionBarItem with a suitable icon (Image(systemName: "arrow.clockwise") perhaps) that calls refresh().


We've updated the app so that the view stack watches for changes to the account. This will make it easier to add the transaction views later on.

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