Posted: 2020-12-09

Using mitmproxy to debug java web calls

Posted: 2020-09-16

Ansible script for installing the digital ocean metrics agent to get dashboard metrics

Posted: 2020-04-01

So far we are showing the account balances - and the next step is really to sort out the transaction view.

Posted: 2020-03-30

The app so far has the ability to get an authentication token. The next step is to actually use it.

Posted: 2020-03-18

The app so far has the ability to read its configuration and to check that you are who you say you are on devices that support touch or face id. The next step is to get an access token from the S'banken API.

Posted: 2020-03-08

So far we have an ap that can scan its config from a QR code and persist it in the keychain on the device. Today we'll add support for using biometric unlock (Face ID or Touch ID depending on the device).

Posted: 2020-03-04

At this stage - we've a lot of stuff in the main ContentView. Let's do something about that first.

Posted: 2020-03-03

So the first thing we want to do is to have a way to scan a QR code to get the relevant IDs for the app.

Posted: 2020-03-02

Let's start by getting the correct project setup.

Posted: 2020-03-02

In this series - we will take a look at creating the app from scratch - but using SwiftUI and some helper libraries.